PBS Hawaii Presents - Hawaiian Masterpieces Ka Hana Kapa


In 2010, a small group of people who are practitioners in the art of Hawaiian kapa, or bark cloth making, began a journey to dress Halau O Kekuhi in this material that once was considered a lost art in Hawaii.
I am humbled to be one of the featured kapa makers in this film that follows the story of creating those kapa for the 2011 Merrie Monarch Festival, the most prestigious hula festival in the world.  This event combined to very special arts into one amazing performance.

 Please enjoy, Hawaiian Masterpieces: Ka Hana Kapa Presented by PBS Hawaii


Hawaiian kapa has been in a revival for almost 40 years.  Despite the years, the number of actual practitioners are few because of the arduousness of the work and the limited availability of resources.  As a kapa practitioner for 20 years, part of my kuleana, or responsibility, is to help in that revival by creating and sharing kapa with all who want to learn.  To that end, I have started a crowd funding site at www.hatchfund.org to help build a kapa school of learning where we can grow more trees and dye plants, and have spaces and opportunities for people to learn and to continue their practice of Hawaiian kapa making. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help fund this endeavor by visiting this site: www.hatchfund.org and help to preserve and perpetuate the art of Hawaiian Kapa.

When you make a donation to Kilohana: A Place of Hawaiian Kapa Arts and Learning, you might notice that the mechanics of Hatchfund are quite different than other crowd-sourcing sites such as Kickstarter, with which you might be more familiar.

Please be advised that when you donate to our campaign you must also contribute an additional percentage to Hatchfund, as little as 5%. (Be sure to select a percentage, otherwise, the default setting is 15%.) Then when you are checking out, there is an extra 5% credit card processing fee applied to your total donation. If you chose to donate the minimum of 5% to Hatchfund, for example, your total bill will be 10.25% more than your initial pledge.  That means a $25.00 pledge will actually be about $27.60. The good news: every penny is tax-deductible!

This may seem strange – but the difference between Hatchfund and other crowd-funding sites is transparency. Other sites take about the same percentage out of the total you donate to the artist – you don’t see it, and we don’t get it.  AND – since Hatchfund is a non-profit arts organization, the donation you make to them gets funneled into other arts projects if they are close to reaching their goal by the end of the campaign.

Another thing about Hatchfund – the 75% success rate! Part of that stems from the one-on-one service they give to their artists. They will help us meet our goal and we are confident that we can achieve it.

Mahalo nui loa

Dalani Tanahy




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